The Future of Children of Ernmas

The Children of Ernmas” have come to a new stage of development: They are changing format and name, being integrated under the banner of “L’Antre de Morrigan” (aka, The Morrigan’s Lair or Den).

We’ve started this project being 3 collaborators, but are now only two founders : Valiel and Phronesis. For reasons of consistency, we’ve decided not to continue the project in the form it was first envisioned. To be short, we’ve chosen to simplify things, and to center around the already existing (and only) French project “L’Antre de Morrigan“, which Valiel has started almost 10 years ago now. You can thus change your browser’s favourites, all our activities are transferred there, and all our social media pages will be edited soon. Thank you for your patience while we proceed to the migration.